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02/17/05 - Season One champions announced a day early!

01/31/05 - New Rules added: Wrestler on bottom cannot lock her own hands or wrists as a defensive stalling move. The ability to gain a submission through nipple pinching has been rescinded after the first attempt. Panties can now be removed in the first round. Added weight class information.

12/04/04 - Increased the statistics information of each wrestler and put that information in the Members Area Breast fondling as been replaced by nipple rubbing and pinching in regards for style points. It is now possible to pinch the nipple for a submission.

12/01/04 - UltimateSurrender opened with 12 great updates and made a big splash in the online wrestling world!

11/24/04 - The UltimateSurrender production team has finished their task, and all 12 updates are ready and in place for launch. We're ready on our end. Now we're at the mercy of our merchant accounts and Visa for final approval. Three.. Two... One..... WRESTLE!

11/18/04 - The UltimateSurrender production staff is on schedule for Dec. 1st launch, with 12 hard hitting updates! Don't miss the exciting launch of the web's best sexual wrestling site!

10/02/04 - Rounds have been shortened to 8 minutes each from 10. The physical demand on the wrestlers is tremendous. I cannot describe in words how demanding this is on the body.

10/08/04 - Pricing has been established for UltimateSurrender
1 month recurring $17.95
2 month recurring $27.95
3 month recurring $37.95

10/07/04 - Site UltimateSurrender launch officially set for December 1st 2004

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