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Princess of Pain VS Spitney Beers
Spitney Beers blatant exploitation of Carmen Electra’s NWWL to further her singing career has put a foul taste in the Princess-Of-Pain’s mouth. Pain has vowed to put an end to any little bitch’s career that thinks they can use the NWWL as a stepping stone on to bigger and better things. At the weigh- in press conference Spitney’s manager, Lefty Ball-Gone, stated that his fighter may have the face of a teen pop idol, but she’s as ferocious as a sodomized pitbull. Reporters at the conference were stunned by Lefty’s analogy, but understood its intent. For the wrestling fans that love to see the Clash of the Opposites, this fight is for you. Spitney Beers, the Princess- Of-Pop, puts her reputation to the test as she gears up for the fight of her career!

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After School Girls VS Sisters of No Mercy
Wrestling fans will surely fall victim to sensory overload as they try to absorb four beautiful naked combatants, battling it out for the title of NWWL Tag-Team Champions! The Angels have a score to settle after a free-for all broke out at St. Luke the Apostle High School. Angel-Of-Desire, half of the No Mercy tag team, received a serious concussion just before Father O’Conner broke up the fight. Tiny Tina of the After- School-Girls slapped Desire with her tag teams patented move, the After-School-Special. Dark Angel, along with her stand-in tag team partner, Samantha Sixx, has vowed a bloody revenge for her sister’s injury. The After School Girls are not shaken by such threats. At the weigh-in, Trish The Dish stated to the hoards of photographers, “bring it on bitch” as she stood on the weight scale, flexing her biceps.

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Becky Brady VS Ninja Chops
Becky Brady, the reigning Miss Corn Dog champion, is spitting mad over a botch hairstyle that she received at the Ninja Chops’ Beauty and Hair Salon. Tugging at her mop-top locks, Becky Brady broke down and screamed to the sympathetic host of the NWWL, Megan Summers, “Look what that bitch did to my beautiful hair!” Ninja Chops defended her skills by claiming that she is “a beautician, not a magician,” and went on to say that “Becky’s hair style is a problem because of her inbred hair follicles! They can’t hold a style! Her hair is stupid like box of broken hammers!”

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Cleopatra VS Lady Serpentine
When Cleopatra was recently asked by NWWL Host Megan Summers about her upcoming match with Lady Serpentine, Cleopatra replied, “nothing ... nothing at all,” which is not surprising, since she holds a general indifference towards all of her opponents. Cleopatra feels that all of her past and future adversaries are not worthy to lick the soles of her feet, which she enjoys doing after beating her rivals in order to add further humiliation. Lady Serpentine isn’t looking to return the humiliating favor; she’s looking to end the career of the Beautiful Jewel of the Nile.

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Layla Hussein VS Harriet Bush
Declared as Operation Naked Storm, wrestling fans will be treated to the most controversial match of all time! It’s the battle of the naked super powers! The self proclaimed illegitimate daughter, Harriet Bush has family score to settle with Saddam Hussein’s little girl, Layla. It seems that this ongoing, historical feud has a birthright that runs deep in their beautiful naked bodies. Megan Summers recently interviewed the lovely Harriet Bush as she trained at Fort Bradley for her upcoming match, while Harriet was sucking back a large bottle of Orange Crush, her father contacts her with subliminal messages in order to coach her to a certain victory! As crazy as Harriet may sound, Layla may have questioned her involvement with the inherited feud had she seen how Harriet worked the heavy bag in training.

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Twin Peaks VS Wicca St. James
The NWWL Championship title match has been nicknamed “the Battle of the Double D’s!” Twin Peaks, the blonde haired, blue eyed Swiss Mountain girl, takes on the sultry hellcat, Wicca St. James for the title as NWWL Champion!In her homeland in Switzerland, Twin Peaks developed her wrestling skills as a little girl by challenging the farm animals that she tended, eventually growing to fight human opponents as her skills developed. With a fearsome reputation, and no one willing to challenge her, Twin Peaks left her beloved Switzerland to seek out new and worthy, nude female combatants. But will the hot tempered temptress from Grenada be too much for the platinum hair goddess? Wrestling fans will not want to miss a single moment of this guaranteed action- packed title match!!


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